Classement prépa architecture : quelle prépa faut-il intégrer ?

A school of architecture generally guarantees a comfortable future and an i work nsertion rather easy as bts sio ! There are many opportunities, bitcoin to paypal transfer services but the pressure is on throughout the training, from the preparation to the defense to obtain the state diploma. More information on this is given below. Good reading !

Why consider a prep in architecture?

If this profession interests you, perhaps you should consider a preparatory course which is a two-year cycle (sometimes only one year), at the end of which you will be able to integrate a large renowned architecture school . The preparation is most often  bitcoin to paypal transfer services well fleshed out in teaching. Those of France provide a complete training and combining at the same time a practical and theoretical know-how which covers more or less all the basic subjects related to the field of architecture, like the workshop , mathematics, mechanics, photography , design, and many more. Moreover, among the most popular preparations, we find that of ArchiPrep in Paris, and to find out more, do not hesitate to follow this site .

Thus, the students benefit there (the preparation in general) from an exemplary support on the part of teachers who have worked for a long time in the sector and who are therefore aware of the challenges and conditions for success for access to the second cycle. within the most prestigious schools of architecture.

Opportunities for the profession of architect

Architecture prep classification

On specialized platforms, you discover that the opportunities in architecture are numerous. This should not be seen as a very specific job since the architect’s interventions are diverse. Among the different opportunities that can be seized, we will mention the following:

An architect is also someone who must know how to communicate, but who also has a lot of good sense and a vast general knowledge. This is what allows it to interact with the various players in the building sector (mechanical and civil engineering engineers, town planners, masons, project managers, contractors, and many others). He is at the heart of all decisions and every operation, the work being carried out under his direction since it is he / she who shaped the plans!

Best architecture schools in France

Known for their high-level education, and for their programs at the cutting edge of the latest developments in the field, schools of architecture in France enjoy a worldwide reputation. We will cite for example the schools of Paris, Montpellier, or even Lille, Grenoble, Marseille, and many others. They also allow professional integration in all areas of architecture (the opportunities are both numerous and interesting), but also offer guidance to continue with a doctoral thesis if ever the student wishes.

To apply for a school of architecture , it is important  bitcoin to paypal transfer services to pass a competition (which prepares the preparation). Students are encouraged to refine their skills, both written and oral, and to develop their portfolio before the exams, which most often take place in May of each year.